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Start A Baking Business

Stop feeling overwhelmed and start your baking business.

What is this ebook and who will this ebook help?


This ebook is for small business owners who are ready to start their baking business either in a commercial kitchen or from their home.


What does this book offer?


This book is here to guide you in the start-up process for a baking business.


With this book, you will...


  • Understand the steps to take to start your business

  • Understand how to decide financially which products to offer

  • Understand how to change your mindset around pricing and how to price your products to capture costs, price for a profit, and collect a salary

  • Understand the importance of your email list

  • Understand the importance of managing your bookkeeping and financials


Plus much, much more...


So you are ready to chase your dreams and start your baking business. We are so excited for you.


What took you so long to decide to pursue your dreams?


I know we were nervous about the fear of the unknown. We had no idea where to start. I remember searching everywhere for information on starting your baking business and running a baking business.


I remember scouring Pinterest and Google to get information on pricing for a bakery business.


I remember reading information on the pricing that did not make sense. I found advice like just times everything by 3. I thought to myself but what about capturing overhead. What about my salary?


Before we took our leap, I remember searching about bookkeeping. I wanted to know how others managed inventory. How did they manage expenses, income, overhead, and more? I was surprised by the fact that no one talks about this.


I wanted to know how to grow a baking business. How do you get customers? How do you manage social media? What do you do to get customers? All I found was the same 20 ideas over and over again.


I remember researching and trying to figure out the proper steps for starting a baking business. Do we get a FEIN first or do we register our business first? Do I register only in the state? City? I searched everywhere and found the information, but the information was in different articles. I could not find just one resource with all the information I needed.


We wanted a community. We wanted a place to go to ask questions and to get help from others in the industry. We wanted to know how they got started. What did they do?


In our search, we felt lost, confused, and overwhelmed by all the information. That’s when I decided to do something about it. I decided that we were going to help others start their business so I started writing everything down. What steps did we take? How did we do that? What worked for us and more importantly what didn’t work for us?


We took notes and wrote it all down so that we could share it with others. We wanted to create a guide to help other people successfully launch their baking business.


What started out as a few notes here and there, turned into over 100 pages of information about launching your baking business.


We share with you things like why you need an email list. As a business, your email list is like gold. Those are your people; your followers; your community. Those are the people who chose to be with you on your journey. These people want to be a part of what you offer.


We share with you how to build your confidence in pricing and provide you with the tools necessary to capture your expenses, set yourself up to make a profit, and pay yourself a salary, and that is just 3 of the chapters. This book is packed full of useful information.


So now what is holding you back from successfully launching your baking business?


With this book you can:


  • Stop being scared. You will have the confidence to do this thing.

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed. Instead of reading and searching. Find all the information in one spot.

  • Stop feeling lost. We help guide you on the journey with the things you need to do. It’s all here for you to be successful.


With our book “How To Successfully Launch Your Baking Business” you will be able to do all these things. Click the image below to get started on your dreams today.




Still not sure if you are ready? What is holding you back?


Are you worried about setting up your bookkeeping because we cover that in our book?


Are you worried about collecting payments, invoices, and taxes because we cover that in our book?


Or, maybe you want something a little more complete. Maybe you don’t want to build your own pricing worksheet, maybe you don’t want just a guide on starting your business. Maybe you are looking for a kit that includes our pricing calculator to help you price your products for success. Maybe you are looking for a simple solution for managing your expenses and income.


If this is more of what you want for your business, then we suggest our Baking Business Starter Kit.



Our Baking Business Starter Kit includes:


  • How To Successfully Launch Your Baking Business ebook

  • Price It Like A Pro Pricing tool

  • Baking Business Financial Profit and Loss workbook

  • Pars Sheet to help with inventory management


Plus tons of FREEBIES


Now that you know you will have a guide with our ebook so you don’t feel overwhelmed and now that you have the tools to confidently price your products and manage your financials, click below to get our Baking Business Starter Pack to successfully launch your baking business.

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Launch Your Baking Business E-Book.jpg
Baking Business Starter Kit.jpg
Launch Your Baking Business E-Book.jpg

Baking Business Starter Kit: Includes Ebook

How To Successfully Launch Your Baking Business Ebook Only