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Ways To Come Up With The Best Bakery Name

Updated: a day ago

Naming your bakery business is an important part of setting up your business. You must decide on a name to register your business and to obtain the correct licenses and permits. Even though it is important, that doesn't mean it is always easy. Some people will immediately know the name for their business; others like us will struggle to find just the right name for their business.

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--- Like what we have to say, great!! Save this post to Pinterest by clicking the image above ---

We seriously had no clue what we wanted to name our business. We actually used a business name generator to help us come up with the idea for our business name. There were plenty of goofy names that came out of the generator, but we eventually settled on the perfect one. To help nudge you in the right direction, we have provided a list of 25 ways to help you find the BEST name for your bakery.

Use this list below of 25 ideas to help you start generating ideas for your new business name.

  1. Name it after a relative 

  2. Name it after your kids 

  3. Name it after your town 

  4. Use a name generator website

  5. Name it after a pet

  6. Name it after your favorite place 

  7. Name it with your initials 

  8. Name it after your favorite baked good

  9. Use the word pastry

  10. Use the word cakery 

  11. Use the word shop

  12. Use the word bakery

  13. Use the word cookies

  14. Use the word doughnut

  15. Use the word cake 

  16. Use the word cupcake

  17. Use the word baked

  18. Use the word dessert

  19. Name it after your street

  20. Name it after the street you grew up on 

  21. Name it after the street your business is on 

  22. Use your astrology sign 

  23. Use your state 

  24. Use your state motto 

  25. Use your geographical location 

I would start by making a list of your top 5-10 favorite names. Then I would put the list away for a day or two. Come back to your list later, and narrow it down again to 3-5 of your favorite names. I would then search these 3-5 names on the internet, with your state, and on all social media to see if anyone else already has the name. After this, I would ask people what their favorite name is from the list of 3-5. Once you have asked friends and family and searched available names, take a day or two off and come back to the list. The first name that pops out should be your winning name. 

Use these different ideas to name your bakery business

Like I said, to choose our name we used a business name generator. We put in an assortment of words related to a bakery. We jotted down several of our favorite names and followed the process above to narrow our choice down to our current business name. When we chose our name, we used our name in conversation for a few days to see how we liked it. Doing this helped us to begin to envision our company with this name.

I hope this has helped get your brain juices flowing. We want to wish you good luck on finding the perfect name for your business. Naming your business is just one of the many steps it takes to starting a bakery business. 

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