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Recipe Vault

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Need a recipe?

Is time running out for you to decide and plan your next seasonal rollout? Don't panic; we have you covered. Step into our recipe vault and discover so of our best-kept recipes. 

What is our recipe vault?

This is where we keep the good stuff. Ya know, the best of the best. We keep some of our favorite recipes here along with some of our top sellers. We love sharing free recipes, and openly give those away, but we do reserve the best for our vault.

Are these recipes available for purchase?

We are not that selfish. We are willing to share these great recipes with you, but they are not free. Each recipe is $5.00 and does not come with a picture. 

How can these recipes help you?

That is a great question. Are you a bakery looking for new products for your seasonal rollout? Do you need some different flavor profiles or products for your store? Our recipes are tested and sell great in a bakery storefront. 


Are these recipes just for bakeries?

No, our recipes are not just from bakeries. If you own a food business, cafe, or restaurant, then our recipes are for you. However, it doesn't stop there. Home bakers and food bloggers also use our recipes. If you are in need of a great recipe, then we are here for you. 

What types of recipes do we offer?

Great question. We are an online bakery. Our recipes focus on pastries, baked goods, granola bars, cookies, and sweets, and we do have several savory pastry options. We do not offer recipes for side dishes, main courses, appetizers, and other things of that nature. However, if you are looking for breakfast, we got you covered!


How to purchase?

We are happy that you have allowed us to peek into our vault. Ordering one of our recipes is simple to do. Click on the icon below. Go to our store and browse through our different recipes. After checkout, you will receive your new recipe via email. 

Return Policy

Due to intellectual property guidelines, once you receive your recipe, there are no returns or refunds. However, if you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at


Do we offer images with our recipes?

At this time, we do not offer images with our recipes. In all honesty, our IG skills are not the greatest. Hopefully, with some practice (or hired help) we will be able to offer this service in the future. Until then, the three of us are not the greatest with a camera. 

Individual Recipe

Choose from our full selection of recipes. All recipes are listed in the ounces for precision baking. Recipes will include all ingredients and complete instructions. No photos included.  

Price $5.00