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Handcrafted prepackaged scone mix ready to go. Fill your home with the scent of delicious scones. This is the best way to enjoy homemade scones without the hassle. We have prepared our delicious scone mix ready made and served at home.


1 package of scone mix of your choice. 

What You Will Get

> Pre-packaged scone mix

> 1 recipe for scone mix
> Shipped directly to you 

Ingredients- Listed by weight


Vary by product. Please ask if you have any questions. 

Made with gluten ingredients.


Who We Are


Perfectly Pastry is run by me, Chef Chris Phillips and my two daughters. We started the business after I came to a crossroads in my life. After 20 years in the corporate world, I've decided it's time to do something that I like. I no longer could stand going to work each day and sitting behind a desk and computer. Now I create delightful cupcakes, pies, and breads for your enjoyment.

Here at Perfectly Pastry our mission and vision is to provide our customers with exceptional, high-quality products while becoming your number one choice for your pastry needs. Currently we do not have a store front and only take direct orders, but one day I hope that will change. 

But here at Perfectly Pastry, we are more than just delicious pastries. We want to help bridge the gap between dreams and reality. We want to give home bakers the tools to be successful. We want to give entrepreneurs with dreams the tools to bring those dreams to fruition. That is why we offer business, baking and planning information and tools to help fellow business entrepreneurs and fellow bakers take the next steps in chasing their dreams. 


All products prepared in a commercial kitchen inspected by the St Louis County Health Department and operates in accordance with local, states, and federal food regulations.

Scone Mix-Prepackaged

Flavor Options