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Our Pricing Pro Mini is a pricing mangement kit that comes with our Price It Like Its Hot recipe pricing calculator and our recipe remote conversion calculator to help you quickly convert and calculate all your recipes for your baking business. As an added bonus, we will also send you our Recipe Costing Sanity Saver to help assist you in quickly pricing your products.  


Are you ready to get your pricing started for your baking business, but you are not sure about spending the $25? We get that. Sign up for our free mini email pricing course here and get a special offer at the end of your training course. 


Don't think you have time to add a course to the mounds of things you have to do? Yeah, it's not a problem because we spread the course out over 3 days. Each day you get an email that includes actionable tips to help you get pricing under control. On day three, we will send you a special offer. 

Pricing Pro Mini

  • Files are delivered as a zip file. Zip file includes 3 excel files.