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Reducing or Increasing Yield On A Recipe

Updated: Mar 31

Do you have a favorite recipe, but it only yields enough for 12? Did you have a catering recipe, but a customer has asked if they can purchase only a dozen? There are going to be numerous occasions in your business that is going to require you to increase or decrease the yield for one of your recipes. It is important that you as a baker know the proper steps to take to calculate the correct measurements for desired yield.

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Calculating Yield Changes By Hand

Now the math around increasing and decreasing a recipes is fairly simple. You start with your desired yield amount, and you divide it by your recipe yield amount to get your conversion rate. This conversion rate will either be a decimal number if you need to reduce your recipe, or the decimal may include a whole number if you need to increase your yield for your recipe.

Once you determine the conversion factor, you will then take the conversion rate and times it by each line item in the ingredients for your recipe. This will give you the new measurements to produce your desired yield.

take desired yield/ recipe yield = conversion factor

conversion factor X each line of ingredients

Now this seems fairly easy to do the math quickly for a recipe, and it can be easy for small, simple recipes. However, it can be time consuming when you have to convert a large recipe with lots of ingredients. Here at Perfectly Pastry, we actually have a simple solutions for you that will make converting your recipes quick and easy. Save yourself the time and hassle of converting your recipes by snatching one of our calculators here.

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Time is money when you own your own business so save both time and money with our recipe conversion calculator. This calculator will quickly allow you to convert any recipe. Use it to quickly scale up your recipe for that big catering order that you just got, or you can use it to scale down that great scone recipe that you just found. Either way, you will be glad to have more time to spend focusing on your business.

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Using The Calculator

Now that you decided to save time with our calculator lets talk about using the calculator. Start by entering your recipe yield B1. Then you put your desired yield into D1. These are going to give you a conversion factor in the red box. DO NOT MESS with the red box, or you will mess up your conversions.

Next, put in ingredients for your recipe. If you are not using weight for your recipe, then you need to stop and go here. You should never use cups and teaspoons when baking. Instead, you need to convert all your recipes to weight so that you can consistently produce the best product every time. Seriously, go here to learn why this is important for your baking business.

Now back to using the calculator. Once you enter in all your ingredient weights, the calculator will quickly give you the new weight amount for each ingredient to use in a recipe to get your desired yield. That's it. That is all you have to do. I mean, how many times have you sat down and figured that out by hand? Yeah, I know. Stop wasting time.

That time is better spent doing something else like marketing, spending time with family, or creating your next masterpiece. If you decided to hold off on getting your own calculator, then go here to grab one for your business today.

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