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Keto Brownie In A Mug

Updated: Mar 21

Ok, so this recipe has created a huge uproar in our business.


Well, let’s just say that the thought of using a microwave in the kitchen to bake has really struck a chord with our pastry chef. Like BIG time.

🤣😂🤣 Yes, our pastry chef is my mom, and she was flabbergasted when I pitched her this idea.


Because a microwave produces poor quality when you use it to bake products.

Yet, here I am writing about it. So, why does this blog post even exist? Well, it’s because I am a sweetaholic, but I am, also, a mother of three. I am busy running a household. I am busy running my kids to activities, and I am busy running a business with the best two people ever (❤️❤️❤️).

I just DON’T have the time nor the energy to make a dessert for the household. I mean I get that we are a bakery, but baking creates so many dishes. I hate doing dishes. Even with a dishwasher, I hate doing dishes. So as a busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur, sometimes I just want to make myself an easy, simple, NOT MESSY sweet treat. To me, this means whipping out my favorite mug and my handy dandy microwave.

Yes. I do like to make quick and easy keto-friendly brownies in a mug. (Honestly, brownies are like my favorite thing ever). So with my mom’s help, I have created a quick and easy keto-friendly brownie in a mug. I love this recipe because it allows me to feed my sweet tooth without all the dreaded dishes.

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So after begging and pleading with my mom, I finally convinced her to let me share the recipe with you all, but she gave me a caveat. I have to start by including a disclaimer that we do not condone baking professionally with your microwave. We are not guaranteeing that this recipe will be the best brownie in your life because let’s be real it’s made in a mug in your microwave. However, I love this recipe and make myself this tasty little snack almost nightly. In my opinion, it beats me running to the store for cookies and breaking my diet when my sweet tooth strikes.

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Yield: 1 brownie in a mug

Prep time: 3 minutes

Hold time: Please consume immediately


4 tsp Almond flour

4 tsp Swerve granulated sugar

2 tsp Cocoa powder

2 tsp Olive oil

2 tsp Water

1 tsp Lily’s chocolate chip

1/4 tsp Vanilla

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Mix and microwave for 45 seconds. Remember to let it cool completely. Microwaves heat unevenly so be careful for hot pockets.

I wanted to let you know that Lily's has a chocolate chip that is 0 net carbs here. We just discovered this not too long ago, and it has completely changed our net carbs for many of our items. Personally, I think they taste great and (sssshhhhh...) sometimes eat handfuls straight out of the bag. I am so glad we found them.

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Now if you really want to elevate this brownie, then whip up a batch of our Keto-Friendly American Buttercream here to dollop on top or top with 0 net carb whip cream topping.

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