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Easy 0 Net Carb Keto American Buttercream

Updated: Mar 25

I am not here to sell you on the benefits of a keto diet. I personally following a loose keto diet in the sense that I reduce the amount of carbs that I eat. Now, I have not seen extreme weight loss on my diet, but I have lost several pounds slow and steady.

When I say several pounds, I am down 10 pounds since November. As I am writing this, we are just now heading into February. To me, that is really great. I feel it is so great because I am not very strict, but I work hard to make low carb keto choices when I cook or go out to eat.

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One of the biggest struggles for me with any diet is that I am a huge sweets fan. I love to sit down after the kids have done to bed (mainly because I do not like to share) and treat myself to some tasty little treats. This has led to the push in our bakery to work on keto products.

Yum!! Get something sweet without breaking your diet. Not only that, but seriously this is diabetic friendly too. Why do we have to cheat when we can treat ourselves instead.

My mom is a diabetic. Her pancreas no longer produces insulin. Her diabetic doctor has discussed with her several times the importance of her diet. As our baker, she actually cannot test most of the products in our bakery.

My mom has had several conversations with her doctor about low sugar, low carb bakery products. They have discussed the need for these products on the market. Since we have the need and the ability, we have decided to help tackle the lack of keto bakery products in the St. Louis and Southeast Missouri region.

As we have been working on products for our menu, we have been working on recipes to share with you all. Keto products can be expensive. This especially true when you are buying the products to make sweets to eat.

We thought we would start by sharing a simple yet delicious recipe that will help curb any sweet tooth. We are going to tell you how easy it is to make keto friendly, diabetic friendly, gluten friendly American Buttercream.

Who doesn't like sitting around eating spoon fulls of icing? It is even better when you know that you can eat it with 0 net carbs. So stop scrolling on the internet and start making yourself a tasty little treat.

Yield 1.31 lbs

Prep time 15 minutes

Max Hold Time Store in an airtight container for 30 days


  • 14 oz Swerve Confectioner Sugar

  • 7 oz Room temperature butter

  • 0.2 oz Vanilla


  1. Put all ingredients into your mixer.

  2. Use the whip attachment.

  3. Whip your icing for a full 10 minutes.

  4. Do not skimp on the whipping time. 10 minutes allows you to really incorporate air for that fluffy icing

Seriously, making American Buttercream is so simple that my 3-year-old actually helps me make it. We have done a live on our Facebook business page. You should check it out. She is super adorable. Like seriously, go here and check us out.

Serioulsy, keto friendly American Buttercream recipe with 0 net carbs. If you are diabetic, you doctor will appreciate this recipe.

Do you live in St. Louis or the Southeast Missouri region? Then you are in luck for a keto bakery. We have a full menu here of keto friendly products. We have muffins, cookies, cupcakes, and candy. All our products are under 6 net carbs, with most of them being under 4 net carbs. Go here to see our full menu.

We are working very hard to increase our ability to create and deliver these tasty treats in the St. Louis area. Currently, you do need to place an order a week in advance to get these tasty treats, but we are moving to have them available on demand.

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