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Gifts To Buy For The Baker In Your Life

Updated: Jan 26

The holidays are just around the corner. It is time to start checking people off our shopping lists, and we are here to help you. We asked our pastry chef what her top items are for a wishlist for Christmas or any other gift-giving holiday.

Now for you non-bakers, I will let you in on a little secret... baking supplies can get really expensive. So, we have broken our list down into groups based on prices to help meet any budget. Most of the items are pretty self-explanatory, but then again, we run a baking business. To be helpful, we will include some information about the items so you can understand why we love them as bakers.

**This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of my links, I may receive a commission or credit at no additional cost to you. For more info, please read my disclosure policy.**

Gifts Under $1000

KitchenAid KP26M1XNP 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer-

Our baking lives could not exist without a professional mixer. These mixers are great because they have different attachments that can be used depending on the mixing method. If you don’t think the mixing method matters, then you really got to read this here. We explain the science behind the mixing process. A small one is great for starters, but larger mixers are needed as a baker grows.

Robot Coupe R101 B CLR Combination Food Processor, 2.5-Liter Bowl, Polycarbonate, Clear, 120v-

Oh, words cannot even express how amazing this tool is for a kitchen. We use ours in several of our recipes like our white scone mix recipe here. This piece of equipment helps us quickly get our scone mix ready. Trust me; we have used small food processors to make our scone mix. It was a NIGHTMARE!!

Dough Fondant Sheeter Machine-

This has been our most recent purchase. We love our sheeter. For a holiday pie order, we hand-rolled over 50 pies in one day. This machine has saved us so much time with not only pie dough but also for our laminated doughs.

Gifts Under $200

On Baking (Update): A Textbook of Baking and Pastry Fundamentals (3rd Edition)-

Ah!! Our baking bible. If you have ever seen one of our Youtube videos here or a Facebook live here, then you have probably heard me talk about our baking bible. This book is worth every penny. We have two of them in our business. One paper copy that our pastry chef uses for all her notes, and then a digital copy for the rest of us. If you ever have a question about baking or need a recipe for something, this bad boy most likely holds the answer. Worth every penny.

Wilton Ultimate Cake Decorating Tools Set-

The ultimate cakers toolbox. This thing is like a cake decorator's dream. It is filled with tools and essentials to rock your cake decorating.

GRIDMANN NSF Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen Prep & Work Table w/ 4 Casters (Wheels)-

I know this seems a little weird to ask for a prep table, but these tables are so great. They are clean and easy to sanitize. This table is perfect for keeping a clean prep area and work station.

Gifts Under $100

Skechers for Work Women's Eldred Work Shoes-

If you have never worked in the industry, then you might not understand how much shoes can make a difference. We love these non-skid shoes. They give plenty of support after the long hours on your feet.

Wilton Tilt-N-Turn Ultra Cake Turntable -

Cake Decorating Stand-This thing is amazing, but you would never know it unless you have tried to put sprinkles on the base of a cake. Save someone else the headache and grab them this nifty gadget.

Any high-quality smallware- pans, muffin pans, bread pans, but make sure they are high quality and can withstand the test of time.

Gifts Under $25

Stainless Steel Metal Griddle Scraper Chopper-

This is probably one of the more important tools in a bakers tool kit. Having a nice sturdy one, can make a difference in efficiency.

Food Scale, Homever 15kg Digital Food Scale-

If you are a baker, you MUST have a scale. Do not use cups and spoons. I could go on and on about the importance of precision baking. I won’t bore you, but if you don’t know why the scale is the most important tool in a baking business, then you need to stop and go here.

Blow Torch, Professional Kitchen Cooking Torch with Safety Lock-

Now, this one is not a must as much as a fun tool that just allows us to have fun in the kitchen. We love to create fun desserts with ours.

Taylor Precision 8215N 8-Inch Bi-Therm Pocket Dial Thermometer-

As a baker, you can never have enough thermometers. We have one everywhere. We have them in the fridge, freezers, and all our coolers.

Now, most of these things are big and will not fit nicely in a stocking. If you are looking for some stocking stuffer ideas or just some small ideas for a baker, then check out this list.

Decorating Tips- Buying high quality and unique icing tips are always a great way to put a smile on the face of a baker and cake decorator. As professionals, they are always on the lookout for new, unique, and cool ideas to create amazing products for their customers. Decorating tips are just one way for them to do this.

Decorating Classes- Is your baking newer and working on their hand skills? Then, I would suggest getting them a class or two. Classes that teach a new unique style or design is best. Something to help add to their knowledge.

Molds- We love to explore and design new treats in our shop. Most bakers feel the same. Molds can be a way to help with creativity. We love using molds in our shop to create unique chocolates for the holidays.

Gift Cards- We love to explore and try new flavors, but we are a small business. We do not always have the extra cash flow to splurge on expensive ingredients to play around within the shop. Gift cards to different stores like GFS, whole foods, Target, and Trader Joe's, really almost anywhere, to buy different ingredients to play with is our favorite.

Honestly, I could go on and on with gadgets and gizmos that we love to use or would love to use in our kitchen, but then you would never get your shopping done in time for the holiday. This list holds some of our top favorite items that we either have or want in our baking business. The great thing about this list is that it is not just for the holidays. You can use this list for any reason to give a gift. I mean, I love Christmas, but I will never turn down a nice digital scale for a “just because I love you” day.

So get out there and start shopping to make the baker in your life one happy guy or gal.

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