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Fall Flavor Ideas

Updated: Jan 24

Well, it is that time of year again. We are getting ready for a new school year. Our family vacations are coming to an end. The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer. Soon we will get a cool breeze in the air, and the leaves will get their beautiful fall colors.

Everyone will stop dreaming of warm beaches and sunny days. We begin to think about cool nights, hoodie weather, bonfires, and football. 

Get ready to bake this fall with these flavor ideas, product ideas, and free recipes. If you love the holidays and holiday flavors then you will want to grab these ideas. #perfectlypastry #holidaybaking #holidays #autumn #fall #bakedgoods #fallbaking #autumnbaking

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Now is the time we start thinking about those yummy apple pies. We get ready for pumpkins and apples. As a baker, pastry chef, or foodie, we get excited thinking about all our favorite flavors coming back for the season. Here at Perfectly Pastry, we thought we would help you get ready for fall this season. Below you will find a list of our top favorite flavors and best sellers for every fall season. 

  • Pumpkin everything

  • Maple

  • Apple 

  • Browned butter

  • Carrot cake

  • Cranberry

  • Cinnamon

You could incorporate these flavors in many different items such as these yummy mini Apple pies that we offer here. Our pies are great sellers during the holiday season. Do you love baking pies, but just cannot master the flaky crust. We have you covered this holiday season. Check out our handcrafted pie dough here. Grab yours here this holiday and impress friends and family with amazing pies. If you would rather try your hand at making pies, GREAT!! We love making pie crust. Grab our easy pie crust recipe here. It includes a full tutorial video to help you perfect your pie crust skills. Pies are not the only items you can incorporate fall flavors. You can incorporate them into many pastries and baked goods like these below:

  • Cookies

  • Cakes

  • Scones

  • Muffins 

  • Breads 

  • Croissants

  • Granola bars

  • Energy bites 

The options are endless. You could add these flavors to any product you offer. If you are looking to create some yummy products for your friends, family, or customers, but you do not have the time to make the dough, then check out all our handcrafted doughs that we offer here to make baking a breeze.

==========================> Handcrafted Doughs <============================

Are you looking to prepare these items yourself? Well, let us help you out. We have created this FREE ebook with 5 different recipes to kick start your Fall baking. You can get your copy here for FREE. Sign up today.

======================> Autumn Flavor Profile FREE Guide <=========================

We have more where that came from. Here at Perfectly Pastry, we are all about sharing our yummy recipes with you. For example, we just love this recipe here for muffins. This recipe is great for a base and can be used with any add-ins you choose. It makes it a great recipe to use during the fall season because it can be adapted to meet your fall flavor profiles. 

Got your own recipes? Great! Look through our flavor ideas and see how you and add and tweak your own recipes. We want you to be successful this fall season. Remember to grab our conversion calculator here help you convert any recipe to meet your yield demand. Have a recipe that makes 96, but you only need 12? No sweat. Use this recipe calculator here to quickly convert your existing recipe, or check out this blog post here on how to convert your recipes. Never make more than you need again. 

==========================> Conversion Calculator <===========================

Didn’t find what you are looking for in our FREE recipes? That’s ok. We reserve our best recipes, but we will share them with you for a low fee. Come check out our best recipes here for purchase. 

Get ready for baking this fall with these yummy recipes, Fall flavor combination, and product ideas. Save this so you will have plenty of ideas for this fall. #perfectlypastry #freerecipes #bakedgoods #baking #fallbaking #holidaybaking #holidaypies #fallpies #autumnbaking

Now that you have started to prepare for this fall season, we would love to hear from you below on some of your favorite fall flavor combinations. Leave us a comment below.

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#fallbaking #holidaybaking #autumnbaking #holidaypies #holidayrecipes #fallrecipes #autumnrecipes